Handbag Essentials no girl should go without!

Handbag Essentials no girl should go without!

Handbag Essentials no girl should go without!

As someone who usually tries to fit their whole life in her handbag, I can definitely say that I know how tough it can be to pare it down to the essentials. This has become a must for me lately since my new found love for small to medium bags in which you just can’t fit as much. I am grateful in a sense for that, as I now have to prioritise. I have found that now, everything that I put in my bag I actually need and use!

I have found myself currently reaching for my Camelia Roma medium shoulder bag in this gorgeous mauvey- rose colour. This is just because I’ve been wanting to use my accent coloured bags more as we are getting near the end of winter. And while the weather may not reflect it, its nice to bring some more brightness to my wardrobe. I’ve narrowed my everyday must- have bits down to 6 picks:

  1. My purse or wallet.
  2. A great mini hand lotion. See my favourite at the moment here.
  3. Hand Sanitiser. I started using the Soap and Glory one 3 years ago and never looked back! no greasy residue and smells so good you could eat it ( but don’t!).
  4. Blotting paper.  As someone with oily/ combination skin, I need this! See my current favourite here.
  5. My signature lipstick. Loving this one at the moment!
  6. A great tinted lip balm to bring a bit of colour and moisture to the lips while on the go!


So there you go! My current hand bag essentials. Feel free to leave a comment down below letting me know what items you can’t live without on the daily? x


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  1. Ariel
    January 31, 2018 / 1:42 am

    Love this post! I also try to minimise the items I carry with me on a daily basis in my handbag. I definitely MUST have a hand lotion. I always carry a tinted lip balm as well. Finally, I always like to have a mini perfume to touch up throughout the day (if the majority of my day will be spent out and about).

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