5 Habits that will make you feel happier

5 Habits that will make you feel happier

5 Habits that will make you feel happier
  1. Make a List

Making daily to- do list is one of the easiest ways that I’ve found when in need of a little pick me up. It is so easy to get caught up in the hum- drum of life that it can leave you feeling like you’re on the same monotonous cycle. Make your everyday activities all the more exciting by setting a list of daily tasks for yourself. I personally like to do this the night before. I curate me little list of simple tasks- it doesn’t have to be anything ground breaking. Also make sure that these are achievable tasks that you’re able to do that day; it could be as mundane as re- arranging the furniture of your sitting room like you’ve been wanting to do since last christmas, giving yourself highlights at home or just doing the laundry. By completing these little tasks you first of all get that dopamine rush by feeling a great sense of accomplishment which is evidenced by looking at your list and all the tasks you now have crossed off- along with the added bonus of things maybe being a little more organised in your life in general. This will give you the clarity mentally and physically to move onto bigger tasks that might hold an even greater sense of achievement!


2. Stay in touch with those who matter the most to you

This is an important one for me especially, since I live abroad- nearly 5000 miles away from my family. It is always nice to keep in touch and nothing is more of a mood booster that catching up with those who know the real you. Authentic, heart felt and humour-filled conversations are great for the psyche and the soul!

3. Treat yourself!

Nothing feels better than the reckless abandon of making that purchase you’ve had your eye on for weeks or finally clicking the checkout button on that item that’s been sitting in your cart for a while now but treating yourself doesn’t always have to involve blowing big bucks even if, I myself am guilty of going the former route most of the time- I have also found great satisfaction in treating myself to simple things like quiet time on an early morning stroll with a hot cup of coffee or a good book and a glass of wine!

4. Eat well

Eating well for me means eating good food and lots of it! Which means cutting back on simple carbs (anything white) and dairy that can make me feel boated and sluggish. Instead, filling up on gorgeous greens, lean protein, fresh fruit and nuts. Don’t be afraid to get creative with seasonings and spices to bring what could be thought of as bland, to life with loads of flavour! This doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy sweets I do- but everything in moderation is okay and you’ll feel better for it.

5. Keep moving!

I used to hate exercise and stuck to a few half-assed Pilates sessions on the floor of my bedroom every now and then but since crossing the age of 25 I quickly realised that I could no longer get away with the same approach that I had to fitness. As a busy mum I don’t get as much time as I would like to go to the gym ( ideally 5 days a week) but at every opportunity I get, I always go as often as I can. Not only does it help me to look good but I always feel great, energised and super motivated after a workout. Everyone knows that exercise is a huge dopamine booster but for me, seeing the results in the mirror and looking/ feeling healthy and the way that I want to, feels even better!


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